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At CEG Worldwide, we believe you can build an amazing life of significance by serving fewer, wealthier clients extremely well. We also believe you can do it faster and with less effort than you ever thought possible.


The Elite Wealth Manager is all about helping you do exactly that.

In the coming months, you will systematically move your practice to a significantly higher level of success.

Regardless of where you are now, you can expect to grow your assets under management, to work with fewer but wealthier clients and to provide a higher level of service than you ever have before.

We are excited to work with you to help you achieve your most important goals for yourself, practice and your loved ones.


Let’s get started.


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The Program Overview

The Elite Wealth Manager has been carefully designed with every aspect of the elite wealth management framework in mind, beginning with the three levers. Each of the program’s nine strategies will ensure that, by program’s end, you will have in place each of the framework’s nine accelerators.

Lever One: Clarity of Intent

Strategy 1: Succeed on Purpose
Strategy 2: Implement Wealth Management
Strategy 3: Work with the Right Affluent Clients

Lever Two: World-Class Client Experience

Strategy 4: Articulate Your Value Promise
Strategy 5: Nail the Wealthy Client Experience
Strategy 6: Build and Manage Your Professional Network

Lever Three: Wealthy Client Pipeline

Strategy 7: Become the Expert the Wealthy Want
Strategy 8: Leverage Economic Glue
Strategy 9: Form Profitable Strategic Partnerships


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The Elite Wealth Manager Framework

The Elite Wealth Manager is built around a proven framework for a simple, elegant practice that is indispensable to the right affluent clients. With it, financial advisors can work with wealthier clients, attract greater assets under management and build lives of significance.


Levers of Success

To become an elite wealth manager, you need to pull three levers of success:

1. Clarity of Intent

Elite wealth managers are clear and honest with themselves on where they are today. Moreover, they are quite clear on where they want to go. They have a solid understanding of what they need to do to achieve the level of success they aspire to. Closing the gap between today and their desired future is not wishful thinking, but strategic planning to be put into action.

Once you are clear about your intentions for your practice, you go from being reactive to daily events and become deliberate about what you want to achieve and how you will act to achieve your goals.

2. World-Class Client Experience

In a world where financial services and products have been largely commoditized, providing superior investment returns and financial solutions is no longer a viable value promise. Elite wealth managers focus on understanding their clients on a deeper level than any other financial advisor and on providing second-to-none expertise to meet the full range of their clients’ financial needs through their professional networks

Once you have built a world-class client experience, you will escape the commoditization trap and be able to powerfully differentiate yourself from your competitors.

3. Wealthy Client Pipeline

Elite wealth managers put systems and processes in place that ensure that they are introduced to new affluent clients on regular basis. Leveraging both high-quality thought leadership content, they position both themselves and their center-of-influence partners as the experts they wealthy want to work with.

With your wealthy client pipeline in place, you will move from nagging concern about where your next client will come from to confidence that you will have a steady stream of qualified prospective clients coming through your door.

Nine Strategies

Each of these levers are composed of three accelerators. These nine accelerators tie directly to the nine strategies you will master and implement during The Elite Wealth Manager.


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Action Plan

Action plans set out the specific steps you will take toward meeting particular goals and are an important part of The Elite Wealth Manager. 


You will use these plans to keep yourself on track as well as to share your progress with your coach.

You can download templates for three action plans below. Customize each for your own use as appropriate.

In addition, there are dozens of tools for helping you implement the strategies throughout The Elite Wealth Manager. These include suggested scripts, email templates, interview guides, meeting agendas and more.


You will find the tools for each strategy in the Tools section at the beginning of that strategy. We also make all tools available in one zip file, which you can download below



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Elite Wealth Manager Tools Downloadable Kit

Downloadable  Action Plans

The Elite Wealth Manager Action Plan — This plan allows you to create a detailed and comprehensive road map for implementing each strategy in the program.

Business Development Matrix — Use this template to record the key actions you will take in the short, medium and long term in the three areas of business development: clients, prospective clients and centers of influence.

Accountability Partnership Action Plan (PDF) — Use this Adobe PDF template for stating your weekly goals and actions for accomplishing those goals. It will be very helpful for structuring your calls with your accountability partner.

Accountability Partnership Action Plan (WORD) — Use this Microsoft Word template for stating your weekly goals and actions for accomplishing those goals. It will be very helpful for structuring your calls with your accountability partner.

Action Plan for Peer Coaching (Fillable PDF) — Use this template for stating your weekly goals and actions for accomplishing those goals. It will be very helpful for structuring your peer coaching calls.

Action Plan for Peer Coaching (WORD) — Use this template for stating your weekly goals and actions for accomplishing those goals. It will be very helpful for structuring your peer coaching calls.


The Elite Wealth Manager Action Plan


Business Development Matrix


Accountability Partnership Action Plan (PDF)


Action Plan for Peer Coaching (Fillable PDF)


Accountability Partnership Action Plan (Word)

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