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What Is Financial Coaching?

Many people adopt the approach to financial independence by seeking financial education which teaches you how to do something—how to buy and sell stocks, how to invest in real estate, or where to save money. This information is good to know, but it is not enough. This type of how-to instruction will not help people achieve financial freedom.

Everyone who wants to build and maintain wealth already knows they should earn more, save more, and invest more wisely. The problem is not in knowing what to do: the problem is in implementation—actually getting it done. That is what will make or break your success.

Financial coaching bridges the gap between knowing what to do and actually getting it done. That's why it works.

How Financial Coaching is Different

Financial coaching is different because the focus is on you—not the instruction. Some people incorrectly conclude that they just need the "right" information as if there is a missing secret to be found. The truth is: there are no secrets. How well you integrate and apply the instruction is the key to your success.


Financial coaching still teaches the essential principles behind the external game, including risk management, leverage, competitive edge, mathematical expectation, continuity, proven investment principles, techniques, and much more. However, what is unique about financial coaching is how it integrates that instruction with your internal processes—your thinking and habitual practices that may have held you back from the success you desire.

The integration of both the internal and external processes of wealth building into a single coaching model is what produces powerful results. When you add in some of the other benefits of coaching, including accountability, support, and expert insight, you have a complete system that literally pulls you toward financial freedom.

Financial coaching is a collaborative
relationship that empowers you to achieve financial freedom and peace of mind.

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