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Premier Wealth Advisors & Matson Money

To better serve our valued clients, Premier Wealth Advisors has entered into a Co-Advisor agreement with an unaffiliated money manager, Matson Money. On a case-by-case basis, we may recommend on a nondiscretionary basis that you open an account in an advisory program offered by Matson Money. We are not employed by or licensed with Matson Money. Matson Money takes responsibility for investment management, portfolio design, best execution, portfolio reporting, trading, trade error resolution, and custodian reconciliations.

Initially, we take responsibility for working with you to complete a questionnaire to establish your risk profile, investment horizon, financial circumstances and investment objectives and to determine whether you wish to impose any reasonable restriction on the investment of your assets. It is our responsibility to determine whether Matson Money is suitable for your account based on our understanding of your investment goals and objectives.
If your account is accepted by Matson Money, the information we obtain from you is used to allocate your account to the Matson Money family of no-load mutual funds based on Matson Money’s proprietary asset allocation models. We also provide you with ongoing monitoring services by, among other things, reviewing new account data and your monthly account statements.
As part of our ongoing nondiscretionary advisory relationship with you, we will contact you regularly to determine whether anything has changed in your financial circumstances or investment objectives that might affect the manner in which Matson Money is managing your account. If you choose to go forward with these services, you will enter into a written Investment Management Agreement with Matson Money and Premier Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Matson Money:
Company Profile

Matson Money is a leader in the use of advanced statistics and Nobel Prize winning research to engineer portfolios that target optimal results for investors. The Matson Method replaces the destructive practices of stock picking and market timing with empirically tested academic principles for long-term wealth building. It is also a revolutionary system of breakthrough financial coaching and education designed to help investors take control of their financial future and put their interests, dreams, and life’s purpose front and center.

The company was born out of a watershed moment in 1991 when its founder, Mark Matson realized he could not abide the practices of a financial industry that operates counter to the interests of investors. With a strong conviction that there must be a better way, he opened Matson Money, a fiercely entrepreneurial investment firm whose philosophy is rooted in the Nobel Prize winning research of Harry Markowitz (who serves on Matson Money’s academic board), Eugene Fama, and other leading economists.

Matson Money was among the first to adopt academic investing approaches and has engaged in the constant pursuit and creation of knowledge to elevate human performance and help investors to make disciplined, prudent choices over a lifetime.

Families committed to creating a powerful relationship with money can attend the American Dream Experience, the company’s flagship investor education event. The American Dream Experience is a compelling encounter with clear, potentially life-altering truths about economics and investing that allows investors to discover for themselves what investing is and how it works. For more information, please contact Premier Wealth Advisors or visit Matson Money’s website at
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