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Our Ideal Professional Network Member

Professional Networking Partners

You are our ideal professional network member if you possess the following qualities:
  • At least 10 years of experience in your field
  • Enjoy working with clients to reach their most important goals
  • Highly motivated to grow your practice and income
  • Entrepreneurial outlook
  • Very easy going and nice
  • Very professional in manner and dress
We are looking for partners with the following practice goals:
  • Significant revenue growth
  • Serve wealthier clients
  • Provide state-of-the-art expertise
  • Open to adding Advanced Planning for high net-worth individuals
  • Open to working with a Wealth Advisor and other professionals

The Advisor Discovery Meeting

The first step in becoming a Professional Networking Partner (PNP) is to meet for an Advisor Discovery Meeting. During this meeting, our primary goal is to get to know each other and for us to gain insight into your practice to determine your suitability for our professional network. You will have the chance to learn about how we work with clients through our wealth management process while we discover whether we have the rapport needed to work together effectively. As we describe our process, we will point out the areas of the advanced plan where we would potentially be asking for you to help our clients, based on your expertise.
If we mutually decide to pursue a professional partnership, our next step  would be to do a trial run. You would participate in one of our Professional Network Meetings and make recommendations as you see appropriate on specific client cases. This will give the members of our network a good feel for whether it is mutually beneficial for everyone for you to continue to take part.

At Premier Wealth Advisors, we don't believe that expertise is about having all the answers. The reality is that no one has all the answers; few people even have most of the answers. Expertise is about being able to find the right answers and help deliver them to clients. When it comes to actually delivering the solutions to their challenges that are outside of our direct expertise, we look to turn to the appropriate specialists. We are always looking to grow our well-structured, comprehensive team of specialists. 

Premier Wealth Advisors values its relationships with professionals and other advisors. We like to think of ourselves as members of the client’s team and to view our relationships with our teammates on the basis of mutual respect and friendship. Our firm, like yours, values its relationships with professionals in our community.

Accordingly, it is our practice to assure our teammates that we will never use this relationship to take advantage of our access to another’s clientele. Specifically, if you introduce a client to our office, you may rest assured that we will not introduce that client to a competitor.

When it comes to providing our clients with the best possible financial advice, we share common ground. We follow this “Team Approach Policy” because we find our friends in the professional community appreciate knowing they can introduce clients to us with confidence.

Our clients often need wealth management assistance in the following areas:

  • Advanced business retirement plan advice

  • Estate planning

  • Life insurance issues

  • Charitable inclinations

  • Businesses for sale

  • Concentrated stock positions

  • High-value artwork

We are able to address our affluent clients' advanced planning needs with our exclusive, invitation-only network of ourselves as wealth managers, attorneys, CPAs, life insurance specialists, and other Professional Networking Partners.

As the general managers of our network of professionals, we pledge to:
  1. Select only the most qualified professionals for the network
  2. Facilitate the network meetings to provide a deep understanding of clients and then to draw out the optimal recommendations for addressing their needs
  3. Manage the network over time so that it serves the best interests of both clients and network members 

The Professional Network Meeting

Once you officially become a part of our professional network, we can begin identifying, prioritizing, and documenting all opportunities for assisting each client in each advanced planning area during our Professional Network Meetings. 
Affluent clients want more than just a one-time financial plan that rapidly goes out of date. They want a process that helps them make smarter decisions about all of their financial issues as they move forward throughout their lives. To provide this advanced planning, you will become a part of a network of professionals—authorities who have deep knowledge across the range of these specialties.
The information and insights that come about as a result of the Professional Network Meetings will help us to develop an advanced plan to fully address all of the client's needs.
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