Meet Our Team

Our team members possess diverse skills and extensive professional and educational backgrounds to ensure

that our clients receive the best possible care.​

Jack Gelnak, JD

President & CEO, Wealth Preservation Strategist

Jack Gelnak, JD, has devoted over 21 years to the financial services industry.

As a Wealth Preservation Strategist, Jack protects his clients’ wealth from erosion from long-term care expenses, inappropriate risk in his clients’ stock-market portfolios as well as protecting

their wealth from government intrusion

and potential family discord. Jack chose

to specialize in assisting seniors aged

’60-and-better’ to navigate through the complexities of their financial situation.

Dr. Medhi Izadi

Financial Services Specialist

Dr. Izadi commenced his career over 30 years ago as a family physician having graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City School Of Medicine. Dr. Izadi joined Cigna health plan as a staff

physician and later became Chief of Staff there. It is his combination of 3 decades

in the medical profession coupled with years of business acumen that serves our clients well, so he can help them navigate both their health, well-being and long-term care without compromising their retirement and assets.

Dr. Sherry Hu

Director, College

Planning Services

Dr. Sherry is the director of Beyond Academy. She and her team have

extensive experience in college

planning and retirement planning. 

Dr. Sherry and her professional team

are committed to helping students get

into their dream colleges with the most efficient funding strategies while also helping parents preserve their retirement funds in the most tax-efficient ways possible. In the past, she has worked

as an assistant professor at the University

of Nevada, Las Vegas. She was also a Director of an international non-profit organization and a senior manager of a Fortune 200 company.

Eric Krattiger

Wealth Preservation Strategist: Las Vegas Branch

Eric Krattiger is a licensed Real Estate Broker and licensed Mortgage Broker (Nevada).  He is also a registered Mediator with the state

of Nevada.  Originally from California,

Eric has worked as a realtor and

financial adviser for over 25 years

in the states of Oregon, California,

and Nevada. Eric heads our Premier

Wealth Advisers' office in Las Vegas

so that he can better serve our

growing client base in that region.

Kayla Law

Financial Services Specialist

Kayla Law educates and inspires our clients through various strategies on

how to create their own banking system!

As a Holistic Wealth Preservation and Retirement Specialist she has challenged her clients to really think about their future and how to plan for it.  Even though

Premier Wealth Advisers focuses on

the '60 and better senior', Kayla is 

equally passionate to encourage our younger generation of clients to prepare

for their futures sooner rather than later.

Ursula Tobler

Client Support Manager

Ursula Tobler was born and raised in Switzerland and has over 25 years of experience in a Tax and Probate Law

Firm She also worked as Director of HR/Finances and Operations in a Law Corporation. Additionally, Ursula is a licensed insurance agent registered

with the state of California. Ursula is meticulous in providing financial

advisory support to our clients,

ensuring that their individual cases

are taken care of.

Boston, MA:

636 Great Road,

Stow, MA 01775


Las Vegas, NV:

1180 N. Town Center Dr., Suite 100 
Las Vegas, NV 89144


Corporate Office - 

Los Angeles, CA:
6200 Canoga Ave., Suite 202

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Tel. 818-888-4646

Fax. 818-888-4647

Advisory services offered through Premier Wealth Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.

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