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Second-Opinion Service

During these dangerous times it has never been more important to know exactly what you are doing with your finances and why. In many professions, it is common to seek out a professional second opinion in order to make educated, well-informed decisions. In that light, we offer those working with another advisor, and even those who are not, a complimentary Second-Opinion Service. This service is for people who may be in a complex situation or who just want to make sure they’re making smart decisions in today’s economy. We help the people taking part in this service to make informed decisions by providing them with a second opinion on their finances.

How It Works

When you schedule your complimentary meeting with one of our advisors, we’ll take you through our Discovery Process to get very clear on where you are now, where you want to go and what the gaps are. This comprehensive wealth management process is designed to help people make informed decisions about finances so that they can get on track to achieve everything that’s most important to them. Then we’ll evaluate whether your current financial advisors are taking good care of you. If they are, we’ll recommend that you stay with your current advisors. If not, we’ll evaluate whether we would be the right advisors. As you know, we limit our practice to people for whom we can make a major impact. If we’re not the right advisors for you, we promise to point you in the direction of the right solutions.
Please schedule your second-opinion meeting by filling out the form below. We will do our best to ensure you are well-positioned to effectively address today’s uncertainties.
In case you would like to know more about our second-opinion service, click here to download a flyer that provides additional details.
This second opinion meeting is at no charge and no obligation and can offer you deep insights into your current financial situation. We look forward to seeing you at this very important meeting.

Get a Second Opinion

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