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Pre-Regular Progress  Meeting

Objective:  Review their documents and accounts for any new awareness 

Process 1

Step 1: Advisor checks in on the accounts health and summarizes a plan or plan of action for clients. 


Step 2: Email Template 1 to send Reminder letter sent 24 hours before meeting,  

Template to send out before Regular Progress Meeting 

  • Check when its scheduled for in your notes on Redtail. 


Email Template 2  for an online Zoom Meeting: Email Template Zoom Link Confirmation  

Process 2 

Objective:  Review accounts  


Investment Accounts: Compiling review information 


Step 1: Download account information from Matson Money 

Step 2: Download account information from EMoney 

Prepare account reports from EMoney 

Step 3: Download pdf of Annuity snapshot 

Download last statement if no snapshot 

Step 4: Prepare AssetMap document 



Template 1: Email Reminder for Progress Meeting


Template 2: Email Reminder for Zoom Progress Meeting


Template 3: Script for Meeting

Pre - Regular Progress Meeting


Client's name 

Regular Progress Meeting Agenda 

Date of meeting 

Time of meeting 



  • Ideal outcome for our meeting 

  • Overview of agenda 

  • Address any questions or concerns 

  • Review of any major changes in your personal, professional or financial life since our last meeting 

  • Review of investment performance relative to realizing your financial goals  

  • Presentation of advanced plan 

  • Discuss and prioritize action items in advanced plan 

  • Second-opinion service offer and request for additional assets 

  • Schedule next Regular Progress Meeting 


Flowchart : Wealth Management Process & Formula


Template 4: Email Invite to Schedule a 1hr Progress Meeting

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