Pre-Discovery Meeting

Objective:  Prepare Prospect for the Discovery Meeting after their 30 min call.  



Scheduling the Discovery Meeting 


  • Step 1: Within 24 hours of introductory phone call, send an email to have prospect schedule Discovery Meeting and what prospect will need to submit prior to our meeting.  


(TEMPLATE 1: Invitation for Discovery Meeting (For In Person Meeting):  

  • Includes date & time of meeting, Survey link, Intro video & list of things to bring to initial meeting & address or Zoom Info. 

  • Attachment 4: What to have ready for the Meeting: Discovery Documents 

  • Link 1: Questionnaire to complete before meeting: Survey Monkey (1st Portion)

  • Link 2: Jacks Intro Video (Need to Create) 

(TEMPLATE 2: Invitation for Discovery Meeting (for Zoom Virtual Meeting):  

  • Includes date & time of meeting, Survey link, & List of things to send before initial meeting & Zoom link and instructions 


  • Step 1a: Schedule reminder in RT for follow-up of documents receipt and survey completion 


  • Step 1b: When prospect completes survey, upload into their documents section on RT. Also save the survey in their offline client file and print out for their file in our cabinet in our office. UPDATE receipt in WORKFLOW in RT. Remove follow up reminder. 


  • Step 1c: When Prospect submits ALL needed documents or have made arrangements to have documents available during Discovery Meeting, AND has completed the survey (both MUST have been completed), Schedule a reminder for 24 hours before Discovery Meeting to send the “Discovery Meeting Reminder Email”. 

(TEMPLATE 3: Discovery Meeting Reminder Email

(TEMPLATE 4: Script for phone call reminder of next day Discovery Meeting)


  • Step 2: If they have not completed the survey monkey questionnaire 3 days before their Discovery Meeting, resend email asking them to complete the survey. 

(TEMPLATE 5: Email with survey link asking again to complete survey)  


  • Step 2: 24 hours before Discovery Meeting send Reminder Email and call to remind 

PROCESS 2: Preparation for Discovery Meeting

Step 1: Update Agenda with pertinent information

Step 2: Update True Purpose for Money Booklet & Prepare

(See Resources)

Step 3: Update & Prepare Total Client Profile (TCP) Questions

(See Resources)

Step 4; Prepare Mind Map Drawing Pad

Step 5: Prepare Elite Wealth Management Process

Chart & Formula. (See Resources)


TEMPLATE 1: Invitation for Discovery Meeting (For In Person Meeting):




  • Link 1: Questionnaire to complete before meeting: Survey Monkey

  • Link 2: Jacks Intro Video 

Soon to come


TEMPLATE 3: Discovery Email Reminder Email


Template 1: Email Template to Send: Re-Discovery Meeting Confirmation (For In Person Meeting):  includes date & time of meeting,

TEMPLATE 2: Invitation for Discovery Meeting (for Zoom Meeting):  

TEMPLATE 3: Discovery Meeting Reminder Email

TEMPLATE 4: Script for phone call reminder of Discovery Meeting)

TEMPLATE 5: Email with survey link asking again to complete 

TEMPLATE 6: Request Email Marketing from Client to Prospect

Pre-Discovery Agenda


Prospective client's name 

Discovery Meeting Agenda 

Date of meeting 

Time of meeting 


  • Ideal outcome for our meeting 

  • Overview of agenda 

  • Total Client Profile interview 

  • Review of financial paperwork  

  • Assessment of ability to add value 

  • Overview of next steps in our wealth management process 

  • Definition of wealth management 

  • Schedule the Investment Plan Meeting, if appropriate 


TEMPLATE 4: Script for phone call reminder of next day Discovery Meeting


TEMPLATE 5: Email with survey link asking again to complete survey


TEMPLATE 6: Request Email Marketing from Client to Prospect 


Booklet: True Purpose for Money


Guide: Total Client Profile Questions


Script: Discovery Meeting


Flowchart : Wealth Management Process & Formula


Template: Pre-Discovery Meeting Template

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