Post-Mutual Commitment Meeting

Objective: Gather all information for our vault of information to better give direction.

Process 1

Step 1: Send E-Money activation for them to review once I ask Jack that he has received transfer of accounts. (need to connect on back end and test this process before connecting and adding to the email letter for this) 


Step 2:  Send off Confirmation and review for Mutual Commitment and mention when you’ll meet again. 

schedule and send out the Advanced Plan Meeting 

  • Include information regarding that they will receive a login email from eMoney. Template Needs to be updated with instructions for EMoney


Step 3: Make sure their account on eMoney is set up and working and give them the connection. Make excell sheet and save peoples logins for future reference/add to it. 

  • Step1:  Link RedTail with Emoney 

  • Step 2: Send login email FROM eMoney 

  • Step 3: Send digital eMoney packet RE: info about eMoney 

Step 4: In your calendar and Redtail set reminder to reach back out 30 days letter so that by 45 you could have already had your meeting.  



Template 1: Mutual Commitment Follow up Letter


Instructions for Connecting eMoney with your clients. (still need)

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