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Pre-Mutual Commitment Meeting

Objective:   Preparation for collaborating with new client

Process 1

Step 1: The advisor prepares for the mutual commitment Meeting 

Preparation for Mutual Commitment Meeting 

  • Retainer Agreement 

  • Any other specific paperwork needed from client 

  • Agenda 

  • Prepare File Folder 


Step 2: We send out a reminder for the next meeting 24 hours before meeting 

Email Template to Send out Reminder for Mutual Commitment:  

  • Before the mutual commitment meeting sent 24 hours before meeting.  

  • REMINDER: Schedule in RedTail 

Pre-Mutual Commitment Meeting 

Prospective client's name 

Mutual Commitment Meeting Agenda 

Date of meeting 

Time of meeting 


  • Ideal outcome for our meeting 

  • Overview of agenda  

  • Address any questions or concerns about the investment plan  

  • Execute documents needed to implement the investment plan 

  • A word of warning about “buyer’s remorse” 

  • Explanation of the concentrated nature of investment gains 

  • Second-opinion service offer  

  • Schedule the 45-Day Follow-up Meeting 



Script: Mutual Commitment Meeting


Flowchart : Wealth Management Process & Formula

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