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Lever Three:

Wealthy Client Pipeline

Strategy 7:

Become The Expert The

Wealthy Want

  • Overview

  • Tools

  • Why You Should Be a Thought Leader

  • From Hidden Talent to Talented Expert

  • Thought Leadership Content: Curating vs. Creating

  • Distribute The Flash Report

  • Send VFO Inner Circle Special Reports

  • Conduct Invitation-Only Presentations

  • Create Your Own Content

  • Enhance Your Website

  • Maximize Linkedin

  • Success Story: Client Appreciation Events

Strategy 8:

Leverage Economic Glue

  • Overview

  • The Power Of Thought Leadership for COI's

  • The Law Of Reciprocity

  • The Multiplier Effect

Strategy 9:

Form Profitable Strategic Partnerships

  • Overview

  • Tools

  • Identify Potential Partners

  • Conduct Discovery

  • Secure The Commitment

  • Create The Agreement

  • Implement The Thought Leadership Solution

  • Track Results

  • Your Next Steps

  • Success Story: Building Committed, Long-Term Strategic Partnerships

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