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Capturing The Potential

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Capturing The Potential

  • Seize The Opportunity

  • Three Things You Must Know Now

  • Three Things You Must Know Now

  • Introduction

Module 1: The Power of Wealth Management

  • Why You Need a Professional Network

  • The Right Professional for Your Network​

  • Define Ideal Professional Network Member

  • Identifying Candidates

  • The Advisory Discovery Meeting

  • Selecting The Right Professionals

  • The Professional Network Meeting

Module 2: Forge Powerful Strategic Alliances 

  • Stand Apart with Wealth Management

  • Consultative Client Management

  • Know The Potential Partners

  • Implement Consultative Strategic Alliance

  • Key Stakeholder Meetings

  • Strategic Action Plan Development

  • Launch a Pilot Program

  • Offer Second Opinion Service

  • Private Client Events

  • Irresistible Offer

  • Billionaire Money Rules

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