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Private Boutique Wealth Management Firm For Highly Successful Individuals

Our Philosophy

We take a holistic approach and customize plans for each of our client's individual needs. We are results-driven! As with anything that delivers value, the key to our success is in providing a high-quality client experience that results in satisfied, loyal clients.


We recognize that to achieve the success we envision, we must better understand our clients’ needs and improve upon our own ability to address them. As a result of our Consultative Process, as well as through frequent client contact, we are able to meet the needs of our clients over the long term. Additionally, as fiduciaries, our clients' needs and interests are always placed above our own.

Merging Solutions With Strategic Resources

Holistic Planning for Maximum Wealth Management Efficiency


Nobel Prize winning portfolio strategies rooted in empirically tested economic principles. Creative solutions for tax and risk efficiency.

Private money management with a customized portfolio approach under fiduciary standards, prudent diversification and access to advanced planning fixed and variable products.


Personal & business goals-based planning, risk analysis, cash flow and projections. Advanced level retirement income distribution strategies and liquidity planning.

Through our planning process, we create a plan to help meet your short-, medium-, and long-term goals. A clearly designed road map that helps track and reach important life and business goals.


Proactive business and personal tax planning to strategically minimize income tax exposure. Retirement tax minimization strategies. 

Aggressive & highly advanced tax reduction strategies, tax planning and projections, tax return review, pre- and post- business sale tax reduction strategies.

Business Transition Strategies

Focused approach in order to increase business valuation over time and advanced tax reduction strategies after sale. 

Ongoing counsel to steer the transition and control the process. A team of true fiduciary advisors to significantly improve company valuation as well as A-Z investment banking and final sale transition. 

Employee Benefits

Advanced strategies for business employee benefits including retirement plan support under the fiduciary standard.

We assist business owner by strategically implementing corporate sponsored retirement plans as well as other employee benefits while providing on-going support for employee's and owners. 

College Planning

College planning, including student services and college funding strategies to potentially increase financial aid. 

College funding is a real retirement planning issue. Funding college incorrectly can drain retirement assets, real estate equity, and personal savings. Our approach to college funding emphasizes the use of financial aid before personal assets.

Who We Serve


Whether you work in the healthcare profession, legal profession or another profession, we understand your unique wealth management needs. Our wealth management process for professionals offers a unique approach to making smarter decisions with your money while preserving what you work so hard for. 

Seniors & Retirees

We guide seniors and retirees through the best phase of their life offering peace of mind regarding asset preservation and transfer. Personal strategies for lifetime income, protection from asset erosion from long term care expenses and aggressive retirement tax reduction strategies. 

We help owners of medium to large sized businesses improve profitability through maximum efficiency. Our business owner clients benefit from a network of professionals assisting in increasing profits, reduction of taxes, employee benefits and advanced asset protection strategies. 

Business Owners

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Video Resources

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Jack Gelnak, JD, AIF
20 Questions Towards Your Journey to Investing Peace of Mind
20 Questions Towards Your Journey to Investing Peace of Mind
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20 Questions Towards Your Journey to Investing Peace of Mind

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The Dirty Filthy Lies My Broker Told Me.

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What if everything you thought to be true about money turned out to be false?

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Is Stock Market Investing like Coin Flipping?

Gold Fabric

As Fiduciaries...


Ready to Find Out More?

The first step toward securing a brighter financial future is to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation with one of our expert advisors today. During this meeting, we will get to know each other and determine what matters most to you as well as understand the challenges you face in accomplishing your most important goals. With this information, we can determine if Premier Wealth Advisors is the right firm to assist you in making even smarter decisions about your money. If there is a fit for us to work together, it will also help us to create a multifaceted wealth management plan for you. This first step could significantly improve your life now and into the future.

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