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There are other options to consider besides Nursing Home Care!

Review all of the choices first to determine what is best for an aging senior.

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is likely one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make. It is a difficult decision, and the challenge is to make the right choice for an aging senior. There are many options to consider, besides a nursing home, that maybe a better fit for a senior needing care.

These alternatives provide a middle ground between independent living and nursing home care. The following are some of these choices.

  • Home Health Care - Home health care is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than move into a facility, your loved one remains at home (or moves into your home) and family members, friends, or a home health aide help with their personal needs. There are a couple of government programs that maybe able to help pay for these home health care living expenses. The Medicare PACE Programs (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) programs offer a combination of services to individuals who would otherwise require nursing home care. This allows them to remain living in their homes or in the homes of family members.  The other government program is the Medicaid HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) Waivers provide a variety of care services and non-medical support for the elderly and their caregivers. These services are specifically intended to prevent nursing home placement and allow seniors to live at home or in the homes of their caregivers.

  • Assisted Living - An assisted living facility is a long-term living arrangement that offers residents as much independence as they want, while providing staff to help with basic activities of daily living. This can be a good solution for someone who needs a little extra help on a daily basis, but who is healthy enough not to require the additional hands-on care a nursing home provides. An alternative program for assisted care to consider is Adult Foster Care. This is offered in private residences, usually family homes, where 1 - 3 seniors live and receive personal care, share meals and assistance with their activities of daily living.  Compared with nursing home care, adult foster care offers a family-oriented living experience.

A very important consideration, that should be taken into account, are the costs involved with these senior care choices. It is highly recommended that a long-term care financial plan should be either updated or created so that all financial considerations are taken into place. Once this is done, then the financial concerns can be put aside and the focus can be placed on enjoying and celebrating life.

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