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Pre-Investment Meeting

Objective: Prepare for prospect in order to present best option for them and direction. 

Process 1

 Step 1: Preparation for Meeting 

  • Agenda 

  • Investment Plan 

  • IPS 

  • Asset Map – Link with RedTail to create prospect profile 

  • Mind Map – Link with RedTail to create prospect profile 


Print out Certificate for TPM - TPM- True Purpose for Money Certificate (Template on Canva) 


Step 2: Template 1 or Template 2 to Send Investment Meeting Reminder  

  • Sent 24 hours before the meeting 

  • Schedule in RedTail and take note of what is being sent  

Objective:  Visual representation of their situation. 


Step 3: Present/Review- Agenda 

  • Investment Plan 

  • Riskalyze 

  • MRI 

  • IPS 

  • MM Qual Insights 

  • MM FMPT 

  • MM Historical 

  • MM Deployment Map 

  • Mind Map 

  • Asset Map 

  • TPM given to client 

Pre-Investment Meeting Agenda 

Prospective client's name 

Investment Plan Meeting Agenda 

Date of meeting 

Time of meeting 



  • Ideal outcome for our meeting 

  • Overview of agenda 

  • Brief review of the wealth management process  

  • High-level presentation of the investment plan   

  • Address any questions or concerns about the investment plan 

  • Determination of commitment for moving forward 

  • Overview of next steps  

  • Schedule the Mutual Commitment Plan Meeting, if appropriate 



Certificate Template: Make the True Purpose for Money Here,


pass: Premier2020!


Template 1: Investment Meeting Reminder


Template 2: Investment Meeting ZOOM Reminder


Script : Investment Meeting


Flowchart : Wealth Management Process & Formula

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