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Lever One:

Clarity Of Intention

Strategy 1: Succeed On Purpose

  • Succeed on Purpose

  • Purpose, Vision, Focus

Strategy 2: Implement

Wealth Management

  • Implement Wealth Management

  • The Affluent Market

  • Nine High-Net-Worth Personalities

  • The 5 Key Financial Concerns of The Affluent

  • The 6 C's of Client Loyalty

  • The 4 Business Models

  • Wealth Management Formula

Strategy 3: Working With The Right Affluent Clients

  • Work With The Right Affluent Clients

  • Tools for Strategy

  • Design Your Client Avatar

  • Define Your Ideal Client Profile

  • The Value of Working in a Niche

  • What Makes a Niche Effective

  • Three Questions for Identifying Your Niche

  • Research Your Niche: Interviews With Influencers

  • Research Your Niche: Background Intelligence

  • Segment Your Existing Clients

  • Releasing Inappropriate Clients

  • Success Factors for Effective Client Release

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